"Exalt the LORD our God and worship at His holy mountain, for the LORD our God is holy." -Psalm 99:9

Monday, July 30, 2012

Day 15: Immediately Humbled...

WEEK THREE – Lifting/Stretching Only

Monday, July 30, 2012

                    Planks – 3 x :30 Left/Right/Down (:15 rest between moves & :60 between sets)
                    Bird Dogs – 3 x :10 each side (:15 rest)
                    Back Extensions – 3 x :45 hold (:60 rest)
                    Swiss Hip Extensions – 3 x 5 each leg (:15 rest between sets)
                    Dumbbell Walkouts – 3 x :10 out / :10 back (:15 rest between sets)
                    Erect Lateral Bends – 3 x 5 each side (:03 down / :01 up) (:60 rest between sets)
                    Turkish Get-Up – 3 x 5 each arm (2:00 rest between sets)
                   Double Leg Hops – 4 x 3 hop for distance (:15 rest between sets)

6:30PM – Long Intervals   - Total Mileage 15k (9.32 miles)
                   2k Warmup
                   3 x 4k at goal time of 13:21.6 (5:31/mile) with 3:00 recovery
k Cooldown
Certainly not the dream start I had envisioned, but fairly realistic to how this training should start out. Was up at 4:00 AM to get my plyometric workout in before heading in for a 12 hour day shift. Slammed a protein shake and powered through the day at work. Got home for the workout and had intended to run it closer to 8:00pm hoping it’d be cooler but that’d mean being up pretty late while having to work again tomorrow morning. Checked the hourly forecast and realized it wasn’t going to cool off much at all so laced up the Brooks Launch and headed out into the 98* heat.
     I was a bit ignorant (maybe even arrogant) to think I’d be able to handle the intended workout, and was quickly humbled by the reality of long rest break, fatigue from work, and heat. After all I am most certainly a mortal human. Today wasn’t so much a lesson in not being as fit as I’d hoped as it was more a lesson of a new kind of humility. In track training the mind is focused on pushing through oxygen debt over and over and absolutely destroying yourself, knowing the intervals are short enough you can fight through one at a time. Today heading out for repeat 4k’s was a different story. My pride wanted to jump right in and lay down a solid full workout of 5 x 4k at 5:31 pace, my ability to be a little humble had me settling for aiming to get in 4 repeats, and reality humbled me to fighting to get through 3. I could have maintained and got in the 4th but I was nowhere near goal pace and had no reason to hurt my body too badly right away in training.
      It’s a tough transition from the mindset of a track athlete to a marathoner, as evidenced by my workout. I should have started out slower and hoped to build throughout getting stronger, while instead my track nature lead the charge and I ran well the first 4k knowing it was costing me a lot, and then struggled to get through the next two at a more pedestrian pace compared to goal time.
       The encouraging side is that in the past I would be very frustrated, while my anger did spill over a couple times in the workout, for the most part I stayed focused. And now in reflection I am thankful for the battle and for the learning opportunity. God is going to do great things, and it’s not on me to dictate the route these things happen, be it through amazing workouts or through battles where I feel hopeless I pray I simply maintain the right focus and continue to work for the Lord, learning to curb my frustration and sing praise in the lowest of lows as well as the highest of highs along this long path.
        I’d absolutely appreciate the prayer for that strength and focus to continue on in this battle. It’s hard for me to be take solace in knowing this was God’s plan for the day, but I do know it was and am thankful for it, I pray I grow to be more thankful.

By the way I hit the 4k intervals in:
14:00.9 (5:38/mile)
15:30.6 (6:14/mile)
15:18.5 (6:10/mile)
      After the first I had to be a little more smart and try to run a pace I felt I could handle without falling dead in the heat out on the smoking hot country highways.                     
      I am thankful that tomorrow will be a new day and I will continue to improve. In low times I often reflect on the following verse for comfort knowing tomorrow will bring a new day, and the Glory of God will be ever present!
“Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I entrust my life.”    -Psalm 143:8

Any midwest runner knows this training view, and I love it. Big thanks to my wife for being out on the run with me on her bike providing encouragement, water, and snapping this picture. No question she will play a SIGNIFICANT role in this training process, and I couldn't be more thankful for her. Thanks Meghan, Love you!

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